Ctrl-Shift helps organisations adapt and thrive in a new personal information economy as personal data becomes central to the creation of digital value. Whether you’re a consumer-facing organisation, or an infrastructure, product, services and solutions provider, you’re probably facing profound and irreversible changes to your business model, service lines and propositions.

We help organisations innovate and manage change to differentiate themselves in three ways:

Discover: We create lasting strategies through: 

  • research and investigation – bespoke and published research investigating and modelling the market, including the trends and their implications, the opportunities and value;
  • health checks and audits – understanding how effective your organisation is at using the customer information assets available to it;
  • requirements definition – including business case development, analysis and specification; and
  • vision and constraints management – building the strategies to execute change based on all of the above.

Design: We help organisations design the changes to skills, processes and technologies needed to embrace customers within an information partnership. This includes:

  • change planning, governance and programme management;
  • solution design and business proposition development;
  • organisational change and skills transfer; and
  • benefits case and key performance indicators.

Deliver: By leveraging our understanding of the business, technical and legal changes that influence the personal information market, we help our clients implement change and generate tangible, sustainable benefits through:

  • proof of concept and pilot services;
  • change, stakeholder and communications management;
  • metrics and implementation services; and
  • benefits realisation, optimisation and tuning.

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