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Our clients are at the vanguard of the personal information economy, taking consumer/business relationships to the next level by embracing new ways of thinking; developing innovative services which cater to hitherto unmet consumer needs; and building new business models and revenue streams. In doing so they are placing themselves at the forefront of the new digital economy.

UK Retailer

The Board of this retailer wanted to explore opportunities to monetise existing and new sources of customer data in new ways, specifically looking at Personal Information Management Services (PIMS) as an emerging market.

Using the Ctrl-Shift consumer-led proposition development approach we identified the largest PIMS opportunities that aligned to the business strategy; identified how the retailer can make money by addressing these opportunities; and identified how to realise these opportunities.

From a broad set of potential propositions, a priority set was further developed, with consumers, into proof of concepts with a business case that indicated a significant revenue uplift excluding any commercial opportunity of increased sales and marketing efficiencies.

This project is ongoing and Operating Board appraisal is being sought, future planned activities include proving out the opportunity value and developing core capabilities within the business to realise the benefits.


The BBC is evolving from an era of mass ‘one-to-many’ broadcasting to an era of personalised media driven by the consumptions patterns of its audiences. This is crystalising in new, personalised versions of BBC.

The BBC engaged us to help design personal data policies and practices that differentiate it around trust and customer control of data.

We audited the BBC’s draft privacy principles, governance processes, communication strategies and technical architecture, identifying priority focus and providing recommendations which were accepted in full by the BBC.

AIMIA - Inspiring Loyalty

Aimia is a global operator of loyalty schemes, including the largest UK loyalty scheme Nectar, with extensive customer data skills and assets and a strategic imperative to sustain customer trust around data.

We worked with Aimia to identify what opportunities it can seize by entering new ‘Me2B’ markets, identifying where the biggest adjacencies lie in terms of skills and capabilities and what potential revenue streams it could create. Our work is helping Aimia define its strategy in a potentially transformational market.

Suncorp Group

We worked with the Strategic Innovation team at Suncorp, Australia’s largest general insurer, in a learning partnership to explore the strategic risks and opportunities in an area of significant societal change: the shift in power for individuals who take control of their personal data.

We leveraged our expertise in the personal data landscape to act as sensemaking partner with Suncorp to help their team explore and interpret this change for strategic learning and decision-making.

Developing a business case for the Information Logistics platform

We worked with BT’s R&D team to investigate and understand the requirements, business model and international opportunity for an Information Logistics platform that enables the orchestration of multiple streams of real time and static data from a multitude of information providers.

We delivered a market assessment and business case for the platform, identifying a clear set of business development opportunities. BT has now launched the platform as part of their BT Trace supply chain capabilities and as the data hub in Smart Cities.

Developing the business proposition for the digital asset grid

SWIFT’s Digital Asset Grid (DAG) was a prototype for banks to provide a platform for secure peer-to-peer data sharing between trusted people, businesses and devices.

Working with 15 major global banks, we translated the platform’s capabilities into a range of business propositions.

Said project leader Peter Vander Auwera “Ctrl-Shift has been an amazing partner in the Innotribe R&D phase of the DAG project. They have delivered outstanding quality, been able to envisage the future and pioneer ideas for innovation. Their dynamic yet structured approach coupled with great project and stakeholder management skills has achieved astounding results.”

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
Business advisor for the UK Government’s consumer empowerment midata programme

Ctrl-Shift has been acting as business advisor to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills for their midata programme, part of the Consumer Empowerment Strategy Better Choices: Better Deals, since its inception in 2011 to mid 2013. The programme encourages companies holding customer data to release this data back to their customers in a portable, re-usable way – so that customers can use this information for their own purposes. As members of the midata Project Board we have been instrumental in helping the government to develop the midata strategy, vision, metrics for success, priorities and a timetable for implementing the programme.

In November 2011 twenty six major organisations announced their support for the midata vision and began the journey of enabling transparency, access and control of people’s personal data. In November 2012 the Government announced its decision to introduce a statutory right for consumers to request an electronic copy of data companies hold about them. New legislation may be introduced in the UK in early 2014.

Technology Strategy Board
Developing a preparatory study for the future market of Internet of Things

Working with BT and the University of Southampton Ctrl-Shift developed a preparatory study for the Technology Strategy Board of the potential market barriers, enablers, business models and value chain for the future market of Internet of Things (IoT). By engaging directly with stakeholders we scrutinised what could make the transport and logistics sector increasingly ‘smart’ where new transport applications and business process improvement can be generated by exploiting a critical mass of diverse, real-time and historical data. We highlighted the importance of understanding personal data issues if the potential value of IoT is to be realised.

Our work helped inform the next stage of Technology Strategy Board investment in eight UK IoT demonstrator projects. Bringing our expertise in how to catalyse data-led value creation we worked with a consortium led by BT and also including Dartt, Aimes Grid Services and Cambridge University on one of the demonstrator projects.

Consumer Futures

Consumer Futures (now part of  Citizens Advice) commissioned us to undertake market analysis on 3 fronts:

  • Assess regulators’ understanding of the fast-changing personal data landscape.
  • Show how new services are opening up positive new opportunities for consumer empowerment.
  • Map the trajectory of Next Generation Intermediaries (NGIs) to help inform regulators of NGIs’ ability to empower consumers and assist regulators in their work.

This work is being progressed with the UK regulators.


The midata Innovation Lab (mIL), an extension of the UK Government’s midata programme, was run by Ctrl-Shift on behalf of BIS as an innovation platform to enable safe use of personal information. The Lab brought together a wide variety of datasets (integrated around individuals) for 18 brands, developers and consumer bodies to explore opportunities.

We led the design and delivery of the mIL , working with cross-cutting groups to develop three apps which demonstrated the opportunities. The miL’s work is now being progressed by the UK Digital Catapult to support digital growth.

Catapult Digital
Catapult Digital
Royal Bank of Scotland
Royal Bank of Scotland
Open Data Institute
Open Data Institute