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Developing a business case for the Information Logistics platform

Ctrl-Shift worked with BT’s R&D department to investigate and understand the requirements and business model for an Information Logistics platform. Enabling the orchestration of multiple streams of real time and static data from a multitude of information providers, an Information Logistics platform delivers the right information, in the right format, at the right place at the right time for the right people, all driven by demand. Ctrl-Shift delivered a market assessment of the platform for BT to use internally to support further development of the project, engage multiple audiences and identify a clear set of business development opportunities. We're delighted that as a result of our bespoke research BT was able to take this project to fruition and it has now launched the platform as part of their BT Trace supply chain capabilities. For more information click here.    



Ctrl-Shift was commissioned by Innotribe, SWIFT’s innovation team, to help identify, research and develop the business proposition for a prototype service called the Digital Asset Grid. The Digital Asset Grid leverages innovation from across the business, legal and technical aspects of the shifting data ecosystem enabling a new infrastructure for banks to provide a platform for secure peer-to-peer data sharing between trusted people, businesses and devices.The Digital Asset Grid offers the potential to transform the banking system, enabling banks and their customers to be more efficient while supporting banks to launch new services. The prototype makes permission-based information sharing possible. It helps banks do the same better: cut costs; improve quality; minimise delays; monetise data assets; turn existing data costs into new revenue streams; and deliver new services that drive both customer acquisition and loyalty. The proposition also strategically positions Banks as a Platform at the nexus of the commercial system in a digital age. 

At Ctrl-Shift we used our unique knowledge of the changing data landscape conducting 15 interactive workshops with major global banks to translate the platform’s capabilities into a range of business propositions. We tested these propositions and supported the development and articulation of practical applications and services to develop the Digital Asset Grid’s over-arching ‘business story’ which was presented and well received by the global financial community at SWIFT’s Sibos conference in Japan. SWIFT Innotribe Digital Asset Grid Project Leader, Peter Vanderauwera said: "Ctrl-Shift has been an amazing partner in the Innotribe research and development phase of the Digital Asset Grid project. They have delivered outstanding quality and been able to envisage the future and pioneer ideas for innovation.  Their dynamic yet structured approach coupled with great project and stakeholder management skills has achieved astounding results."

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Business advisor for the UK Government’s consumer empowerment midata programme

Ctrl-Shift has been acting as business advisor to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills for their midata programme, part of the Consumer Empowerment Strategy Better Choices: Better Deals, since its inception in 2011 to mid 2013. The programme encourages companies holding customer data to release this data back to their customers in a portable, re-usable way – so that customers can use this information for their own purposes. As members of the midata Project Board we have been instrumental in helping the government to develop the midata strategy, vision, metrics for success, priorities and a timetable for implementing the programme. In November 2011 twenty six major organisations announced their support for the midata vision and began the journey of enabling transparency, access and control of people's personal data. In November 2012 the Government announced its decision to introduce a statutory right for consumers to request an electronic copy of data companies hold about them. New legislation may be introduced in the UK in early 2014. To read our report on the current state of play for midata and how businesses can form a response to gain competitive advantage read our report here

Technology Strategy Board 

Developing a preparatory study for the future market of Internet of Things

Working with BT and the University of Southampton Ctrl-Shift developed a preparatory study for the Technology Strategy Board of the potential market barriers, enablers, business models and value chain for the future market of Internet of Things (IoT). By engaging directly with stakeholders we scrutinised what could make the transport and logistics sector increasingly ‘smart’ where new transport applications and business process improvement can be generated by exploiting a critical mass of diverse, real-time and historical data. We highlighted the importance of understanding personal data issues if the potential value of IoT is to be realised.

Our work helped inform the next stage of Technology Strategy Board investment in eight UK IoT demonstrator projects. Bringing our expertise in how to catalyse data-led value creation we worked with a consortium led by BT and also including Dartt, Aimes Grid Services and Cambridge University on one of the demonstrator projects. To find out more about our role on the Smart Transport Internet of Things Data Ecosystem (Stride) project please download this case study. We have also published a White Paper 'The Business advantage of Stride' which presents the key findings of the project and outlines the business and economic case for a ‘smart’ transport ecosystem.

orange-france telecom group  

the timeline for the control shift 

As a result of discussions at a Ctrl-Shift Explorers’ Club meeting in January 2012 we created (with the help of graphic designer Joel Cooper) a timeline predicting the changes in the personal data landscape. We mapped out the events and predictions from now until 2017 looking through the lenses of: social and cultural changes; corporate commercial activity; entrepreneurial activity; technology; and legislation, regulation, policies, protocols and standards.

The timeline, which is regularly updated, has received great feedback and is available here. Nicholas de Cordes, Vice President Marketing Vision, Orange-France Telecom Group says of the timeline, “I think this is a fantastic stimulating tool, a fascinating window on a possible future.  It will challenge me every day, and be the north star of a long journey towards a better ecosystem for our digital society.”


providing insight on the personal data landscape

Ctrl-Shift managed and hosted a two day event in London for the participants of the French MesInfos programme. MesInfos is run by the French think tank Fing and has similar aims to the UK Government's midata initiative to encourage companies holding customer data to release this back to customers. The delegation, which included representatives from large businesses and government bodies, wanted insight on the personal data market and connections with those that are central to its development. Daniel Kaplan, Fing's CEO, commented, "midata and Ctrl-Shift's publications are among the main sources of inspiration for the MesInfos project. We needed to connect with the participants of midata, share ideas and experiences, and understand what the drivers and barriers are. The visit was packed with information, insights and great contacts. It helped MesInfos move several steps ahead. It helped us realise that shifting how personal data is managed and shared will take time and requires pragmatic initiatives rather than grand schemes. The MesInfos programme, which will be launched early 2013, has really benefited from lessons learned in London."      

an international retailer    

realising the value of volunteered personal information 

As part of a programme to reappraise their customer loyalty and data strategy an international retailer wanted to evaluate the opportunity to elicit and use rich, insightful volunteered personal information (VPI) – information which only the individual knows and which they could share if they saw good reason to. The retailer recognised the potential benefit of encouraging greater levels of information sharing but wanted to explore the implications, outcomes and value of doing so. Through a ‘discovery and diagnostics’ process working closely with the internal marketing team, Ctrl-Shift helped to outline the potential benefits from building a VPI strategy, including potential new revenue streams and service models. We clarified how a comprehensive VPI strategy creates customer value in terms of a more intimate information sharing relationship and how this in turn could drive loyalty and retention. This allowed the team to target quick wins and recommendations and refresh the customer loyalty strategy to engage individual customers in a much more personalised relationship.   

a leading telecoms provider

ensuring a consistent approach to the management of customer data

A leading telecoms operator identified the introduction of a new customer Privacy Charter as a key differentiator and component of its overall customer engagement strategy. Recognising that the management of customer data, privacy, preferences and permissions are key trust and branding issues capable of delivering or eroding competitive advantage the company needed a means of ensuring that a unified and comprehensive approach to meeting the Charter’s commitments was in place. Ctrl-Shift was tasked with analysing the commitments they were developing across a number of forums and operating units to identify and highlight any inconsistencies. Building on this work Ctrl-Shift devised a performance measurement framework with a set of KPIs to internally monitor and manage compliance. As a result the organisation is far better placed to stand by its obligations and demonstrate progress towards delivering on their promise to put customers at the centre of their data management and marketing strategies.

world economic forum

working with wef on the formulation of their personal data policy

Ctrl-Shift is working closely with WEF on their ‘Rethinking personal data’ programme and is a contributor and key member of their international ‘Tiger Team’. This team is looking at how to create and implement the right rules, tools, frameworks and business models to bring about the emergence of a personal data ecosystem where people have greater control over the collection, use, sharing and monetisation of their personal data. In June 2012 we helped to bring together leaders from the telecoms, retail, financial services, media, advertising, government and technology sectors for a workshop in London to tackle some of the priority issues. As experts in the emerging personal information economy we have been instrumental in gathering evidence for the economic case for rethinking personal data. (Our research finds that the value of volunteered personal information will be worth £20bn over the next decade).