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A new goldrush?

Posted: 15th September, 2014 | 0 comments

Will Apple’s new Watch be as successful as its other iconic products? It doesn’t go on sale until next year so we won’t know for some time. But the move is significant nevertheless, for two related reasons.

First, just a few years ago, when we said to people ‘helping individuals collect and use data in their own lives is going to be a big growth market’, a common response was ‘Oh yeah? Try pulling the other one!”

But now, as iconic brands like Apple and other companies introduce wearables that help individuals collect data about exercise and other aspects of…

In a world of Personal Information Management Services (PIMS) individuals (consumers, customers, citizens) are empowered with sources of data, analytics, tools and technologies that were once the sole preserve of large, incumbent product or service providers. As PIMS change the relationship between companies and customers, how should incumbents respond?

The answer is to go with the flow and embrace the trend towards personal information services: to evolve towards ‘brand as information service’ strategies. Adopting a 'brand as information service' strategy can trigger a far-reaching reappraisal of what value you seek…

There’s a huge amount going on in the world of Open Data. There’s a huge amount going on in the world of personal data. What happens when these two worlds meet?

Answer: a veritable value explosion, as our new paper When Open Data meets Personal Data shows.

There’s something really special about this value explosion.

Big Data – the world of large volume data sets, statistics, correlations, patterns and trends – has huge potential in its own right. But it also has its limitations. Knowing where every bus or tube is, right now, on the London transport system is…

Time to scrap 'informed consent'

Posted: 28th January, 2013 | 0 comments

As another International Privacy Day comes round again it’s time to question something at the heart of European privacy legislation – the notion of ‘informed consent’.

Good intentions

‘Informed consent’ was created with the best of intentions. But in its current form it is an obstacle to progress. It needs replacing.

The underlying goal is admirable enough: personal data is the person’s (not the organisation’s) and individuals should have the right to know what information an organisation is collecting about them and what the organisation is going to do with it. They should also have a right to give…

Fascinating couple of days at Sibos leading up to and after our presentation of our research into the business potential of SWIFT Innotribe’s proposed new Digital Asset Grid.

You can see our White Paper on information logistics and why it’s important here, and all the core presentation material here and here.

Two (opposite) sets of responses from people. Some don’t get it. When we talk about enabling information sharing, they think we are trying to solve a problem that’s already been solved. ‘Why do we need this when we’ve Facebook, gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn etc’. As yet, they don't…

A red letter day for data

Posted: 23rd October, 2012 | 0 comments

Today is a red letter day for data. BT has today announced a global information logistics service. The potential impact on the data market is transformational. It is one of the first information logistics platforms in the world delivering enhanced productivity, improved customer service and operational efficiencies through enabling multiple streams of near real time and static data to flow between businesses. It is an especially exciting development for Ctrl-Shift because of our involvement at the innovation, vision and definition phase. Through our bespoke research Ctrl-Shift helped to define the scope and value chain, size the information logistics market and assess…

midata principles gain ground

Posted: 14th October, 2012 | 0 comments

The evidence that midata is the way forward keeps coming. Last week Marketing magazine asked four senior brand leaders, ‘Could allowing consumers access to their data backfire on brands?’ Their resounding answer was that being transparent with consumer data, and enabling access to it, is the future for companies. Brands that realise the potential for personal information services enabled by data sharing will “be rewarded with increased loyalty.”

This is a follow up to the recent article on Tesco’s investment in Clubcard Play – Tesco’s new commitment to give consumers access to their own data to help them…

EU data law's big strategic questions

Posted: 2nd February, 2012 | 0 comments

I have to say, I’m puzzled by the reaction so far to the EU proposed new regulations for data protection.

There’s been a lot of debate about a proposed new ‘right to be forgotten’. However, from what I read of the actual draft legislation, the ifs and buts of this new right mean its real impact could be pretty limited. There’s considerable corporate hand-wringing about the penalties for breaking the new law, but the proposed maximum fines would only apply to the most flagrant violations and be tested in the courts.

Hand-ringing about the cost of implementation is more interesting:…

VPI and the Power of Voice

Posted: 10th July, 2009 | 0 comments

Our new report on Volunteered Personal Information (VPI) is based on our previous analysis of the evolution of ‘consumer empowerment’.

Basically, we can see four distinct phases of empowerment.

Phase 1: choice – the ability to choose between products and services
Phase 2: choice – the ability to choose between different sources of information
Phase 3: decision-making – the ability to process information from different sources to make (and implement) better decisions
Phase 4: voice (or VPI) – the ability to share the information generated in the course of my decision-making processes with other parties…