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Open Data and personal data empowerment

Posted: 21st February, 2014 | 0 comments

Tomorrow is Open Data Day, a day designed to promote the spread of Open Data practices around the world.

There’s a fantastically exciting and astonishingly simple idea at the heart of Open Data: data currently lying around inside an organisation’s boundaries and used for only one thing could be used for many other things if it was made available outside.

The possibilities to add new value begin to explode as soon as data from previously separate sources starts to be combined.

The whole point about Open Data is that it’s open, free for anyone to use, a common resource.


midata: where next?

Posted: 21st November, 2012 | 0 comments

We have published a short, informative paper, ‘midata where next’, following the Government’s midata announcement that it is going ahead with its plans to give consumers a statutory right to request an electronic copy of data companies hold about them.

In the paper we bring together a ‘inside view’ briefing on how significant the move is and where it is taking us as midata ramps up a notch from a voluntary programme to potentially affecting all companies holding customer data in the current account and credit card sector, the mobile phone sector and energy (the power to legislate…