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On Tuesday the Government announced that Mydex, a Community Interest Company/social enterprise and one of the Personal Data Store providers in our recent PDS market review, is one of a select group of private sector Identity Providers that will start offering an identity assurance service to DWP customers.

As part of our analysis of the announcement we highlighted our plan to conduct some interviews with those involved in the market to gain some new insights into where the IDA programme leads us. Claire Hopkins spoke to Mydex CEO David Alexander about Mydex’s view and unique contribution*.


The new personal data landscape

Posted: 22nd November, 2011 | 0 comments

At our recent event ‘To hoard or to share: midata and the personal data-sharing revolution’ Alan Mitchell discussed the Government’s midata programme in the broader context of changes to the personal data landscape. We’ve now published a report on the New Personal Data Landscape that identifies these transformational trends, highlights the emerging market for new personal data management services and analyses the opportunities and threats for organisations.

For the last fifty years organisations have had a monopoly on the collection and use of customer data. But this is changing. Individuals are starting to collect and manage their…

May newsletter

Posted: 6th May, 2011 | 0 comments

The May newsletter covers the Government's mydata, a Europe wide assessment of consumer empowerment, a market round-up and to plug your chance to meet the Control Shift team next week.
The Government’s mydata initiative - covered in our last newsletter -  is moving to its next stage. We’re glad to announce that Ctrl-Shift will be working with Department of Business Innovation and Skills as a member of the Project Board to set up the programme of work and make the strategy a reality.

The initiative aims to encourage companies holding customer data to release the data back…

A small but significant step was announced on October 11, Mydex has launched a new project to introduce a step change in the relationship between individuals and the organisations they deal with - the first ever operational Personal Data Store service. This is a significant new development that starts to restore to individuals control over the management and sharing of their online personal data.
The Mydex Community Prototype provides individuals with the tools to enable them to store and manage their personal details, to have them externally verified, and, at their discretion, to…

Here's a copy of the response I sent in, on behalf of Ctrl-Shift and of Mydex CIC, to Anne McGuire MP's request for evidence about about the role of third sector organisations in personalisation. I copied it to HMG's CIO John Suffolk who expressed an interest in the subject on his blog and to Martha Lane Fox because of the intersection with her vital work on digital inclusion

Third-sector role in personalisation of public services: note from Mydex CIC and Ctrl-Shift Ltd

The third sector has a crucial role to play in personalisation, so the answer…