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The midata Innovation Lab (mIL) exhibited at the recent Campus Party Europe event in London. It was fantastic to see it being showcased alongside so many other exciting emerging technologies and services, proving how important the personal data market is becoming. The Digital Confidence Panel, which took centre stage on day two, discussed how permissioned based sharing of personal data could provide better services for consumers. The Panel, featuring the think tank Demos, the ODI, Telefonica, MIT, IBM and the ICO, supported the mIL as an inspiring demonstrator essential for exploring innovation and trust. Below is a video of some sound bites from the discussion.


The evolving data sharing economy

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On September 1 some important changes to the Freedom of Information Act (FoI) came into force – users that are entitled to a public sector dataset can now receive it in a useful form and can re-use it for commercial gain. The amendments are a further development which should be seen within the wider context of the UK Government’s commitment towards Open Data – promoting greater transparency and enabling its reuse in new services and applications stimulating economic growth – other programmes such as midata and Identity Assurance, and the evolving information economy.

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides…

The World Economic Forum’s Rethinking Personal Data Initiative has reached its third stage. The programme has already defined the value of personal data as an asset class and reinforced the value of trusted data flow. The third stage will bring together data experts with practitioners in different commercial environments so that together they can drive results that are practical, implementable, and can be widely communicated.

Ctrl-Shift has been working closely with WEF on the programme as is a contributor and key member of their international ‘Tiger Team’. This team is looking at how to create and implement the…

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has officially announced the opening of the midata Innovation Lab (mIL) today. Consumer Affairs Minister Jo Swinson said:

“Today’s most successful businesses are the ones that are creative about building customer relationships. The new ’midata’ Lab is an exciting opportunity to put this to the test and explore how businesses could help customers use the data around their spending habits to make better choices.

“There is a lot to be gained from being open and using the information gathered on customers with their knowledge. Developing new and innovative ways to see data also…

midata: where next?

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We have published a short, informative paper, ‘midata where next’, following the Government’s midata announcement that it is going ahead with its plans to give consumers a statutory right to request an electronic copy of data companies hold about them.

In the paper we bring together a ‘inside view’ briefing on how significant the move is and where it is taking us as midata ramps up a notch from a voluntary programme to potentially affecting all companies holding customer data in the current account and credit card sector, the mobile phone sector and energy (the power to legislate…

MesInfos UK visit

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Last week Ctrl-Shift hosted an intensive and fascinating two day event for the participants of the French MesInfos programme. MesInfos is run by the French think tank Fing and has similar aims to the UK Government’s midata initiative to release customer data back to customers so they can use it for their own purposes. The delegation included representatives from Société Générale, Le Groupe La Poste, Monoprix and Orange-France Telecom Group.

To help them get a flavor of midata and the changing personal data landscape we lined up an impressive array of briefings from the likes of: Visa Europe; Callcredit;…

It has been a busy month where we have attended and hosted several events. They highlight the way that public opinion, technology, regulatory and commercial pressures are all lining up to unleash a sea change in the personal data landscape. What’s also becoming clear is that the UK is leading the world in giving individuals control over their data. In this issue we’ll tell you about these events, our new research and a smattering of market news.

A £1bn opportunity?

Our latest research (to be published on Monday April 30) is a comprehensive review of all the players in the…

Spring 2012 research schedule

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We're now planning our next research reports and we'd like your input.

We're already committed to two reports (see below) and would like to choose two more from the options list. Feedback very welcome.

Privacy comparisons. Which of the top 100 e-commerce e-tailers has the best privacy policy and which has the worst?

Decision-making market. As a follow-on from our work on personal information management services (PIMS), we look at the broad scope of suppliers in this market and chart what benefits consumers get from making better decisions.

Options for early 2012 -

The Personal Data Store (PDS) market.…

Our midata event takes place tomorrow and we wanted to say thank you to our sponsors Mydex and Callcredit for supporting us. Both organisations provide revolutionary services embracing and underpinning the new personal data landscape.

Tom Ilube from Callcredit will be giving an update at the event on Noddle a ‘poster child’ of midata. The service simply turns the existing personal credit rating on its head. Usual practice for credit reports is that they are requested by the credit provider at the end of a sales process. But when it is launched later this year, Noddle will allow any…

With cost savings firmly in their sights, the UK Government are paving the way for a wave of new services built around the individual and their data. There is a recognition by the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee that by enabling individuals to manage their own data Government in its various forms will create huge efficiency savings and improve the quality of the services offered through improving the quality of the data about the individual. In itself this is a massive opportunity for the UK to improve it's economy but when you add to that the fact that…

Francis Maude has today launched a public consultation on open data. The online consultation asks the public, businesses and other interested parties for their views on:

how we might enhance a ‘right to data’, establishing stronger rights for individuals, businesses and other actors to obtain data from public service providers
how to set transparency standards that enforce this right to data
how public service providers might be held to account for delivering open data
how we might ensure collection and publication of the most useful data
how we might make the internal workings of government and…

In this month’s issue we highlight our new briefing paper on the government’s Identity Assurance programme, give an update on progress with mydata,  and cover the knotty issue of informed consent. This is all followed by a quick round-up of some interesting market news

Identity Assurance

Instead of establishing a huge, centralised National Identity Scheme, the aim of the government’s Identity Assurance programme is to establish a decentralised market of competing private sector identity providers. Each will provide an identity assurance service, so that public sector and other providers can be confident of the identity of…

mydata: a progress update

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The government’s mydata programme is gaining good momentum. This week members of the mydata Working Group, including large corporations from both energy and finance sectors and representatives from consumer groups and regulatory organisations, met for a workshop. Organisations from the telecoms and retail sectors meet next week.

First on the workshop agenda was the mydata Charter and principles for all participating organisations to sign up to. These were agreed in outline and will now be honed and finalised before being published in the autumn, with, hopefully, at least 20 companies signed up.  A formal announcement is planned for October when…

Instead of establishing a huge, centralised National Identity Scheme, the Government wants to establish a decentralised market of competing private sector identity providers. Each will provide an identity assurance service, so that public sector and other providers can be confident of the identity of the person they are dealing with. For some organisations, the Identity Assurance Programme offers a straightforward business opportunity to become an Identity Provider.

Ctrl-Shift's briefing on this new programme reveals that if the new approach works it should bring three major benefits:

• Reduced risk and lower costs for both organisations and individuals via standardised processes…

May newsletter

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The May newsletter covers the Government's mydata, a Europe wide assessment of consumer empowerment, a market round-up and to plug your chance to meet the Control Shift team next week.
The Government’s mydata initiative - covered in our last newsletter -  is moving to its next stage. We’re glad to announce that Ctrl-Shift will be working with Department of Business Innovation and Skills as a member of the Project Board to set up the programme of work and make the strategy a reality.

The initiative aims to encourage companies holding customer data to release the data back…

A new EU-wide research survey published in April 2011, has shown that the UK lags behind many other countries according to a consumer empowerment index. The research revealed that less than 50% of the 56,000 respondents (in 29 countries answering 70 questions) felt confident, knowledgeable and protected as consumers.

The European Commission said that the "results show that consumer awareness and skills are worryingly low. However, there is a considerable potential to empower consumers and thereby to improve consumer welfare and reduce consumer detriment. The internet and the media have a key role to play in…

The Government’s new programme 'Better Choices: Better Deals' represents a significant acceleration in the trend towards consumer empowerment. They even call it a ‘Consumer Empowerment Strategy’. We’ve prepared a mydata briefing on what this means for organisations. It’s free!


The announcement is a first on two fronts:

1) Its ‘mydata’ programme encourages companies to release data they hold about individuals back to them, so that they can use this data for their own purposes. This is the first major Government initiative, globally, towards a changed personal data consensus: personal data is a personal asset, and individuals should have…

Budgeting for service redesign

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Well, the nervously awaited emergency budget has arrived, and a collective sigh of relief is almost audible across the country 'not as bad as I'd expected' seems to be the general feel. But I'm afraid the worst is yet to come and the dramatic if yet unspecified departmental cuts of 25% of budget is one of the hardest hitting. To find that mangnitude of cuts in spending without having an impact on front line services is going to require some radically new thinking. In the past a 'push the message' approach has been a proxy for behaviour change, which most…

Skunkworks and Asborometers

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Today's announcement that the government is looking to get public input (a sort of crowdsourcing, perhaps?) into the upcoming cuts to public service is further confirmation that there is a seismic shift in the world of public services. The previous prime minister was reportedly a fan of apps such as Asborometer which build on publicly available data. And the minister now responsible for Government IT (and more besides) announced in March as part of the Conservative policy formation that "we will also create a small IT development team in government -…

Fundamental, radical shift of control over personal data back to the individual is on the agenda whichever main party wins the next election. From the Labour manifesto yesterday:
We will explore how to give citizens direct access to the data held on them by public agencies, so that people can use and control their own personal data in their interaction with service providers
From the Conservative manifesto:
Wherever possible, we believe that personal data should be controlled by individual citizens themselves.
This principle is key to the "Control Shift". It will be government policy.…

CIOs and the control shift

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HMG's Chief Information Officer John Suffolk has posted on the role of the CIO in the light of the control shift
I think there is a move towards the CIO title being taken over by a very important person indeed – your Customer, or in my case the Citizen. Yes the Customer (or Citizen) Information Owner. This is not the marketing department who believe they own all the customer information, nor is it the salesman who historically attempted to keep all his data on his clients so only he/she could sell to them. This is the Customer/Citizen owning…

John Suffolk, the UK government CIO, has started a blog and wonders about the future of the IT industry. He foresees big changes - cloud computing, software as a service and greener IT with fewer data centres. But what about the rise of volunteered personal information? I added this comment:
Dear John - Great to see you blogging - I wish this every success.

I wonder if we should also take into account the continuing rise of the individual as data manager and logical point of integration, and its effect on value, on personalised services and the…