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Don't target me, ask me

Posted: 24th July, 2012 | 0 comments

We've been pondering some mega-trends on this site for some while.

1. The rise in the volumes of data available (so called Big Data).

2. The lack of efficiency in the advertising model.

3. How technology is now literally in the hands of the customer.

Each is a driver of change and combined they create a massive opportunity for a re-alignment of the relationship between buyers and sellers. Understanding how to illicit and use Volunteered Personal Information (VPI) is at the heart of being able to do this. But in order for the far reaching opportunities of VPI to be realised, people have to take time to contribute…

A dangerous consensus

Posted: 14th January, 2011 | 0 comments

A dangerous consensus seems to be emerging around the future of digital data.

Take these examples. The first is an extract from a recent speech by Google CEO Eric Schmidt where he waxed lyrical about:
“the explosion of information, the explosion of user content, in real time data – what I am thinking, what I am doing, social networks and so forth.”

“We can help you sort that out. We can help you figure out what is most relevant to your right now … Whether it’s games, videos or films we can suggest what you should be watching because…