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Playing down good news isn’t something one expects from politicians these days, but there’s at least one real driver for growth buried in George Osborne’s Autumn Statement. In it he announced new Open Data measures, and this signals a battery of initiatives that will present new and exciting opportunities to outperform our decreased growth forecast. According to the Cabinet Office the measures will, ‘open up public sector data to make travel easier and healthcare better, and create significant growth for industry and jobs in the UK.’ More Open Data will ‘allow entrepreneurs to develop useful applications for business and consumers’.…

Empowering emotions

Posted: 10th September, 2010 | 0 comments

I have just written an article for ( about the emotional drivers of consumer empowerment.

Here's the gist: There's a growing bank of psychological research showing that feeling empowered and in control makes people feel good about themselves (self-esteem, hope, being energised to achieve stuff) and that feeling disempowered and not in control is associated with depression and ill-health. Common sense really, but the boffins are uncovering the details, mechanisms and so on.

Meanwhile, the democratisation of information technologies is empowering individuals in all sorts of ways.

In the article I talk about five 'waves' of consumer…