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A conversation about Twitter with Dell

Posted: 19th October, 2010 | 0 comments

As part of our research into The Recipe for Successful Customer Engagement we talked to Dell about the apparent success of Dell Outlet on Twitter.

If you don't know the background then Dell's outlet store was set up by the company to provide a route to sell PCs that were cancelled orders, customer returns etc. Dell sells direct, of course, and makes the claim that all PCs are built to order. As such managing a system for selling returned goods probably isn't as routine as for a true-blood retailer. What drew our attention to it…

Skunkworks and Asborometers

Posted: 8th June, 2010 | 0 comments

Today's announcement that the government is looking to get public input (a sort of crowdsourcing, perhaps?) into the upcoming cuts to public service is further confirmation that there is a seismic shift in the world of public services. The previous prime minister was reportedly a fan of apps such as Asborometer which build on publicly available data. And the minister now responsible for Government IT (and more besides) announced in March as part of the Conservative policy formation that "we will also create a small IT development team in government -…