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Cloud and data services in 2013

Posted: 19th December, 2012 | 0 comments

Cloud technologies underpin much of the new information services ecosystem. The ‘Internet of Things’ and self-quantification services rely on cloud based storage, computing power and platforms. Open data initiatives are now feasible because of cost-effective cloud infrastructure. And ‘as a service’ platforms in the data market, including Personal Clouds and Information Logistics Platforms are the ultimate fruition of multiple cloud-based components.

Given the centrality of cloud technologies to so many new information driven services, industry predictions for the growth of the cloud market are a key indicator for how the market for information services will evolve. This…

Instagram is not alone

Posted: 19th December, 2012 | 0 comments

No sooner had we completed our round up of the year than potentially the most momentous event of the year takes place: Facebook-owned Instagram’s attempt to unilaterally change its terms and conditions.

The London commuter paper The Metro reported it on its front page thus:
“Instagram has outraged its millions of users by threatening to sell their pictures for us in adverts.
“The photo-sharing site, bought earlier this year by Facebook, has updated its terms and conditions so it has control over the rights to any images which are…

In 2012 it became clear to everybody – big businesses, entrepreneurs, regulators and Governments, the general public and the media – that we need to re-evaluate personal data.

Organisations internationally are embracing a mindset shift. They are beginning to see that customer data are not just corporate assets. If we treat personal data as personal assets, pursue the potential of information as a tool in the hands of the individual and empower individuals as managers of their own data, then all sorts of innovation and growth opportunities fall out of the woodwork.

As attitudes are changing we are seeing action…

When open meets personal

Posted: 5th December, 2012 | 0 comments

With the explosion in volumes and types of data now being generated and collected it’s not surprising there’s also a proliferation of new data ‘movements’. There’s ‘Big Data’. The Internet of Things. The fast-developing personal data ecosystem.

And, yesterday, Open Data made its mark with a flourish – with the official launch of the Open Data Institute.

The ODI’s stated goal is to “catayse the evolution of an open data culture to create economic, environmental and social value. It will unlock supply, generate demand, create and disseminate knowledge to address local and global issues”.

At the heart of…