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I’ve just had a big picture theoretical article on the nature of brands and branding published in a special edition of the Jourmal of Brand Management on ‘The New World of Brand’.

The article looks at developments in technology, in economics and economic theory, and psychology to examine marketing theories about what brands do and explains why ‘brand as information service’ strategies are becoming essential for most brands.

The article examines an oddity in the way marketing currently works. Companies work hard to make products that meet customer needs and that customers are keen to buy. They also work…

We’ve had some great media coverage of our new report ‘What are banks for? Customer Loyalty in Retail Banking’.

Banking Technology highlights the ‘Race to build customer-centred banking is on’ and the report’s findings that ‘the banks surveyed by the study rated the importance of information-driven services to customer loyalty very highly, at 8.2 out of 10.’

Information Age reports ‘banks see information-driven services as a way to improve loyalty’ and carries a quote from Ctrl-Shift Strategy Director Alan Mitchell, "The first wave of online banking was really just a sort of digital version of what you…

midata hackathon

Posted: 24th November, 2012 | 0 comments

Last weeked (17-18 November) was a world first - the first time a new type of data set was created: where individuals gathered up data about their own lives from a range of different sources including their energy consumption data, shopping (if they could get the data), spending through their banks and credit cards and so on.

With full respect for the individuals' privacy, a posse of developers then got to work to see what innovative new services they could come up with. The results were fascinating: completely new services in energy and money; exciting new ways to help individuals…

Customer loyalty in retail banking

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We’ve completed our major research project looking at customer loyalty in retail banking. The report, ‘What are banks for? Customer Loyalty in Retail Banking’ is compelling reading for anyone who wants to understand what customer loyalty means for banks in today’s digital economy.

We knew the research subject was ‘of the moment’ when we gained immediate interest and involvement from senior directors in the UK’s big four retailing banking groups, both big and small building societies, new market entrants and pure play internet banks.

The findings are significant for an industry under pressure to improve customer focus and agility:…

midata: where next?

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We have published a short, informative paper, ‘midata where next’, following the Government’s midata announcement that it is going ahead with its plans to give consumers a statutory right to request an electronic copy of data companies hold about them.

In the paper we bring together a ‘inside view’ briefing on how significant the move is and where it is taking us as midata ramps up a notch from a voluntary programme to potentially affecting all companies holding customer data in the current account and credit card sector, the mobile phone sector and energy (the power to legislate…

On Tuesday the Government announced that Mydex, a Community Interest Company/social enterprise and one of the Personal Data Store providers in our recent PDS market review, is one of a select group of private sector Identity Providers that will start offering an identity assurance service to DWP customers.

As part of our analysis of the announcement we highlighted our plan to conduct some interviews with those involved in the market to gain some new insights into where the IDA programme leads us. Claire Hopkins spoke to Mydex CEO David Alexander about Mydex’s view and unique contribution*.


Following the announcement of the private sector Identity Providers that will start offering an identity assurance service to DWP customers, we spoke with Toby Stevens who has been closely involved with the Identity Assurance programme for several years, to ask his opinion on where it will lead us.

What is the overall significance of the IDA programme and this week’s announcement?

DWP's award of ID Assurance contracts represents a watershed for the government's approach to identity: instead of government relying solely upon government-issued credentials (e.g. Government Gateway) to transact with individuals online, they will support a new commercial market…

New Identity Assurance market emerges

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Today the Government’s vision for a more citizen centric identity assurance service becomes a reality. The Department for Work and Pensions has announced the first private sector identity providers that will start offering an identity assurance service for the 20 million DWP customers. The businesses are: The Post Office, Cassidian, Digidentity, Experian, Ingeus, Mydex, and Verizon.

One of the most interesting choices is Mydex, one of the Personal Data Store providers covered in our recent PDS market review.  The inclusion of a mould-breaking service such as this is a sign of the times. The Government isn’t only encouraging…

Fascinating couple of days at Sibos leading up to and after our presentation of our research into the business potential of SWIFT Innotribe’s proposed new Digital Asset Grid.

You can see our White Paper on information logistics and why it’s important here, and all the core presentation material here and here.

Two (opposite) sets of responses from people. Some don’t get it. When we talk about enabling information sharing, they think we are trying to solve a problem that’s already been solved. ‘Why do we need this when we’ve Facebook, gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn etc’. As yet, they don't…