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Slowly but surely the various pieces of the new Personal Data Ecosystem jigsaw are falling into place. Actually, not that slowly. The pace is hotting up.

Today, at the Sibos conference in Osaka, Japan, Ctrl-Shift reports the results of a six month research project for SWIFT, the global financial payments provider. The research, which involved most of the world’s leading banks, investigates the business case for a new piece of infrastructure called the Digital Asset Grid (DAG) designed to facilitate secure, permission-based data sharing between different parties: organisations, individuals and even devices. Not to put too fine a point…

A red letter day for data

Posted: 23rd October, 2012 | 0 comments

Today is a red letter day for data. BT has today announced a global information logistics service. The potential impact on the data market is transformational. It is one of the first information logistics platforms in the world delivering enhanced productivity, improved customer service and operational efficiencies through enabling multiple streams of near real time and static data to flow between businesses. It is an especially exciting development for Ctrl-Shift because of our involvement at the innovation, vision and definition phase. Through our bespoke research Ctrl-Shift helped to define the scope and value chain, size the information logistics market and assess…

Our work for Innotribe, the innovation initiative of SWIFT (the global financial messaging service) is coming to fruition and we are delighted it will soon be made public. Over the last six months we have been part of an international team of experts working on an R&D project backed by the SWIFT Innotribe Incubation fund to develop a ‘Digital Asset Grid’.

The Digital Asset Grid is a new infrastructure for banks to provide a platform for secure peer to peer data sharing between trusted people, businesses, and devices. It’s a revolutionary idea and potentially game changing for the banking sector enabling…

We're hiring

Posted: 15th October, 2012 | 0 comments

As a result of recent business development and increasing levels of demand across our business Ctrl-Shift has a need to build its associate skills base. We’re looking for a senior consultant/associate to add to our expanding team. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be part of an organisation which has grown over 200% last year and to work on ground-breaking projects that are helping businesses to capitalise on new market opportunities.

We are particularly looking for someone with a background in change, strategy or delivery management in a business or IT consulting environment.

Click here to read Senior Consultant Job Specification.


midata principles gain ground

Posted: 14th October, 2012 | 0 comments

The evidence that midata is the way forward keeps coming. Last week Marketing magazine asked four senior brand leaders, ‘Could allowing consumers access to their data backfire on brands?’ Their resounding answer was that being transparent with consumer data, and enabling access to it, is the future for companies. Brands that realise the potential for personal information services enabled by data sharing will “be rewarded with increased loyalty.”

This is a follow up to the recent article on Tesco’s investment in Clubcard Play – Tesco’s new commitment to give consumers access to their own data to help them…

Just back from the World Economic Forum workshop in Brussels on ‘Unlocking the Value of Personal Data: Balancing Growth and Protection’.

The gist of WEF’s argument goes like this. Personal data is emerging as a hugely valuable economic asset – ‘the new oil’. Just like oil, if the value of this asset is to be realized it needs to flow, not remain stuck where it was created.  If personal data is flow, there must be trust and that means treating individuals less as passive data ‘subjects’ – the subject of organisations’ data gathering activities – and more as active…

Tesco moves on midata

Posted: 2nd October, 2012 | 0 comments

Marketing magazine carries a story this week about a new job ad from Tesco for a Product Manager ‘My Data’.

The successful candidate, it says, “will define the strategy to develop and support the deployment of Group-wide capability to deliver market-leading products and games which give our Clubcard customers simple, useful, fun access to their own data to help them plan and achieve their goals.”

There we have it: the paradigm shift in personal/customer data grasped and understood by the country’s biggest retailer. Not only can customer data be used to help organisations achieve their goals, it can also…