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In this summer issue we cover our forthcoming research schedule, an update on the midata consultation and some new start-ups.

Ctrl-Shift research

Increasingly, we’re being asked many of the the same questions about the emerging personal data market so we’re focusing our forthcoming Autumn/Winter research reports on developing answers to them.

In a world drowning in data, what infrastructure, rules and commercial models enable the right information to be shared at the right time with the right people? This information logistics challenge is easy to talk about but hard to do. Our forthcoming report on Information Logistics will…

midata news coverage

Posted: 22nd August, 2012 | 0 comments

There has been some great BBC broadcast news coverage today of the midata consultation. Hopefully it will raise awareness of the importance and opportunities of the programme and its game changing potential for all UK organisations.

Liz Brandt, Ctrl-Shift CEO, was interviewed on Radio Five Live’s ‘Wake Up to Money’ programme.  It was short and sweet and you can listen to it from 26.40 mins into the programme.

Liz, who has been advising the Government on its midata strategy from its inception, emphasised the empowering opportunity of midata for consumers – enabling them to use new apps, tools and…

Why legislate on midata?

Posted: 7th August, 2012 | 0 comments

As some of you may know, Ctrl-Shift has been acting as a strategic advisors to the UK Government’s midata programme. Now the pace is accelerating decisively with the Government’s move to give UK consumers additional statutory rights to their data in portable electronic form.

Of course, decisions like this are political and made by ministers. We weren’t party to the political discussions. But from the specific perspective of midata itself here are some reasons why this initiative is a good move.

Consumer Minister Norman Lamb notes in his introduction to the consultation midata has made significant progress over the last…

Competing for customer loyalty

Posted: 1st August, 2012 | 0 comments

Loyal customers are the bedrock of business and the benefits of loyalty are well understood. But what does customer loyalty actually mean in today’s changing environment, what are the drivers and factors that determine loyalty, and what are the opportunities for those who are getting it right?

These are the key questions we are asking as we initiate a board level strategic study into the changes affecting customer loyalty in banking. Here’s a little more about what we are doing and why.

The shifting sands of customer loyalty

Loyalty currently suffers from confused terminology. People use the ‘L’ word to…