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The Government has announced its intention to give consumers the statutory right to obtain an electronic copy of data companies hold about them, so that they can use this data for their own purposes. This is a game changing move, dramatically extending the reach of the midata programme from its previous focus of energy, banking and telcos to, potentially, all major companies holding customer data.

Ongoing debate

Some companies are likely to react negatively, arguing that the new right would be a ‘burden on business’. But the Government is rightly linking the move closely to a growth agenda. Introducing…

In this issue we highlight the findings of our study into the impact of new services using Volunteered Personal Information, an insight into developments in the ‘Internet of Things’, and that we looking for someone new to join our team.

Don’t target me...ask me

We’ve just finished some research looking at a group of services that that use Volunteered Personal Information (VPI) to provide relevant content - offers, recommendations and adverts. In our study, sponsored by nFluence Media, three new services, Visual DNA, Dealboard and Hunch, were stacked up against loyalty schemes, global brands like Amazon, Facebook and Google,…

Don't target me, ask me

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We've been pondering some mega-trends on this site for some while.

1. The rise in the volumes of data available (so called Big Data).

2. The lack of efficiency in the advertising model.

3. How technology is now literally in the hands of the customer.

Each is a driver of change and combined they create a massive opportunity for a re-alignment of the relationship between buyers and sellers. Understanding how to illicit and use Volunteered Personal Information (VPI) is at the heart of being able to do this. But in order for the far reaching opportunities of VPI to be realised, people have to take time to contribute…

I've been catching up a little on underlying theories of information. Here’s what I found.

James Gleick, who also wrote Chaos, is a brilliant writer. His book The Information, is a fascinating read but is ultimately disappointing because everything he says is based on theories of Claude Shannon.

Shannon was a brilliant engineer who did much to make today’s information age possible. As an engineer he was focused on getting a message from A to B as accurately and efficiently as possible. He didn’t care what it said. So his theory of information said that to measure information all…

Today marks an important milestone in the personal data landscape. The US based Respect Network – which has developed the award winning Respect Trust Framework enabling members to securely share identity and personal data – has announced two major corporate founding partners, leading global technology company Neustar and telecoms giant Swisscom.

It’s an important development for two reasons.

Firstly, it means that the concept of a Vendor Relationship Management network, one that connects people to people and people to companies in a trusted, two way information contract, has taken a major step towards market availability. It is the first global,…

Media's perfect storm

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One of the sessions at the recent World Economic Forum Tiger Team meeting in London focused on rethinking advertising. This session made it absolutely clear: traditional media companies – in TV and press in particular – need to reinvent their business models.

The control shift gives them an opportunity to do so.

The story so far

Advertising funded 20th century media companies were hugely successful. There were many combinations and permutations: high reliance on display advertising vs high reliance on classified advertising; free vs a cover price. But underneath the nuances the model was pretty simple: advertising funded journalism, journalism attracted…

Privacy as a personal setting

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At the recent World Economic Forum Tiger Team meeting in London I gave a short presentation on the commercial opportunities opened up by empowering individuals with data. (If you want a copy of the presentation, please get in touch).

I outlined four unfolding trends:

Information as a tool in the hands of the individual – a ‘phase change’ (as WEF’s William Hoffman put it) from the old status quo where information was almost exclusively a tool in the hands of the organisation.
Individuals as managers of their own data. This is driving the rise of new…

Internet of Things Showcase

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Last week we took part in the Technology Strategy Board’s Internet of Things Showcase.  We presented the results of our study (collaborating with University of Southampton and BT) which scrutinises what could make the transport and logistics sector increasingly ‘smart’ and highlights the barriers and commercial opportunities in a future IoT scenario. The large room was packed, but at frequent points you could hear a pin drop the audience were so attentive.

We were one of ten consortia coming together from across the UK to share our study learnings and the insights we’ve gained in this preliminary phase of work…