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Is more data always better?

Posted: 30th March, 2012 | 0 comments

One of the pushbacks we get when talking to marketers about VPI (Volunteered Personal Information) goes like this: “Oh no! You are talking about yet another source of data. I’m already awash with data! In fact I’ve got so much data that I don’t know what to do with it! Now you are asking me to take on even more!”

In fact, what we are suggesting is something far more radical – and simple. Marketers find themselves awash with lots of useless data because they haven’t got the few special bits of data they really need.

To communicate effectively with…

We smashed our target

Posted: 29th March, 2012 | 0 comments

A huge thank you to everyone who supported us with Sport Relief. We had to reset our target half way through fundraising because we reached it – and then we smashed our second target of £750! So our total fundraising so far is £843 (and there may be more to come).

We are delighted to raise this money which will go to such a good cause, and we really appreciate your generosity.

We all took part in different places across the country. Proud dad Paul completed three miles with his daughter in Milton Keynes. It was the furthest she had…

Big Data or God Quest?

Posted: 27th March, 2012 | 0 comments

During the heydays of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) some companies began to suffer a dangerous delusion. Bedazzled by the enormous potential of the transaction and behavioural data they were now collecting (think Tesco Clubcard), they began to believe they were on the verge of knowing all they needed to know about their customers. Some even began to boast that they knew what their customers were going to do before the customers themselves.

They had fallen for the God Quest – the quest for omniscience. Perfect  customer information was just around the corner, they believed. With perfect information would come perfect…

In our newsletter this month we have new research to tell you about. We also highlight our project looking at the Internet of Things market and round off with some key news, including some international developments.

Decisions Decisions    

We’ve published our briefing paper about the development of a revolutionary and disruptive industry for consumer decision-support services. These services empower consumers by helping them to make better decisions and change their own behaviours. The report explains why this revolution is happening now, what forms it’s taking, and what its impacts are: this is a new market that changes…

We're doing the Sainsbury's Sport Relief Mile #bishbashbosh and we need your help to smash our fundraising target.

Big or small, every bit of sponsorship we receive will help people living unimaginably tough lives, both in the UK and across the world's poorest countries.

We're roping in our families and friends too:

- Liz is running with Ed and the girls (we are looking into why their pic doesn't appear on our Sport Relief Team page)

- Chris and Paul with their daughters

- Claire is still trying to persuade…

Are You the Next Big Cash Crop?

Posted: 14th March, 2012 | 0 comments

The following is a guest post by Alan published yesterday by TVO a Canadian media organisation.

What are you? A human being or a vegetable?

Okay, it’s a silly question. But in the context of "Big Data," -- the collecting of massive amounts of online data by companies, advertisers and marketers -- it’s not that silly.

Consider some differences between a human being and a vegetable. A human being has some sort of ownership and control over their own assets, a vegetable doesn’t. The farmer grows cabbages, wheat or coffee, and appropriates what they produce. The coffee plant doesn’t have any say…

5 hot topics at SXSW

Posted: 13th March, 2012 | 0 comments

If you saw a tweet announcing the five hot topics being discussed at the brand-meets-tech-fest that is SXSW interactive, I'm sure that you'd click on the link.

Can anyone more technology literate than those in the Ctrl-Shift team explain why we got this page when we clicked on a Tweet from Techenlightement (an Experian company, no less), which linked to the review in Marketing






The value in Internet Of Things

Posted: 13th March, 2012 | 0 comments

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is already underway and machines are ‘talking’ to each other. Buildings, transport infrastructure, cars, healthcare equipment, industrial resources, mobile devices and even consumer goods are able to communicate, sense, analyse and produce useful information with the potential to completely transform how we live, work, travel and manage our lives. Growth estimates vary but according to Ericsson* there are 100 to 200 million connections today, growing to 1 billion over five years.

However, at the moment the full economic potential of the Internet of Things or the Machine to Machine (M2M) market is thwarted by lack…