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Lean and consumer empowerment

Posted: 21st December, 2011 | 0 comments

A video of a talk I gave recently to a conference of lean practitioners has just gone up on YouTube. In it I discuss two themes.

First I argue that, as individuals emerge as managers of their own data and with voice – the ability to express their plans, preferences and specifications to suppliers – the lean goals of making exactly to demand and getting things right first time on time can now be taken to a new level.

There are two ways of thinking about lean. The first, traditional factor, treats ‘the customer’ as an out-there exogenous factor:…

Milestones in the control shift

Posted: 15th December, 2011 | 0 comments

So much has happened and changed in 2011 and the control shift is well underway. We've captured below some of the significant milestones that have unfolded this year with links to the relevant news items taken from our Market Watch.

Consumer empowerment

Consumer habits are rapidly changing driven by technology and use of social media. Consumers are becoming hyper connected and active participants in markets and they are recognising the power of acting collectively (think Occupy London). They are changing their shopping habits: according to Reevoo’s research nearly 90% of respondents would not purchase a product before reading others’…

An inertia busting business model

Posted: 13th December, 2011 | 0 comments

Here is an interesting talk by Consumer Focus’ Richard Bates at the Government’s recent conference on Collective Purchasing.

The core idea is how to take universal human tendencies – such as being a tad lazy, and putting things off to tomorrow – and turn them into something that can be used to empower consumers rather than disempower.

The issue Richard tackles here is inertia. Each of us has to manage a range of accounts with a number of different suppliers: gas, electricity, phone, mobile phone, broadband, car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, ISAs and other savings accounts, credit cards,…

Spring 2012 research schedule

Posted: 1st December, 2011 | 0 comments

We're now planning our next research reports and we'd like your input.

We're already committed to two reports (see below) and would like to choose two more from the options list. Feedback very welcome.

Privacy comparisons. Which of the top 100 e-commerce e-tailers has the best privacy policy and which has the worst?

Decision-making market. As a follow-on from our work on personal information management services (PIMS), we look at the broad scope of suppliers in this market and chart what benefits consumers get from making better decisions.

Options for early 2012 -

The Personal Data Store (PDS) market.…