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The penny begins to drop

Posted: 30th September, 2011 | 0 comments

It's lonely sometimes when something seems blindingly obvious to you but other people just don't seem to get what you are talking about. Over the last ten years, I've felt like that quite often when talking about personal data empowerment.

Now there's a little straw in the wind that others, such as Forrester, are beginning to get it.

They've just produced a new report which says that consumers' growing digital footprint and growing concerns about data security plus awareness that marketers are using this data for financial gain means that they "increasingly want to know when data about them…

We’ve witnessed some interesting developments in the control shift this month and you can see a round-up of these in Market news. Also in this issue we’ll update you on our forthcoming mydata event, highlight our continuing exploration of the ramifications of the emerging market for decision-making services, and outline the plans for our Autumn/Winter research programme.
A radical shift of power

Within a few years, all organisations and companies holding customer data in the UK will be involved in releasing their data back to their customers encouraged by the Government’s mydata programme. And this radical shift isn’t…

Exciting times - a new tipping point

Posted: 23rd September, 2011 | 0 comments

Many of you familiar with our work will have heard us use the phrase "tipping point"; and one of these may well have emerged with Facebook Gestures - as one commentator put it Prepare for the Oversharing Explosion. Well, we think we've reached a smaller one, albeit still significant, in our business - it is time to expand! It's exciting and you may be able to help us.

First up, we're after two business development professionals. And no, we're not using BDM as a euphemism for sales. We need two people who can listen carefully to our clients'…

What does a better decision look like: 1

Posted: 19th September, 2011 | 0 comments

So far in this series of blogs starting here, I’ve talked about ‘better decisions’ without actually defining what a better decision looks like.


When talking to people about it, most instantly assume I mean a more rational decision i.e. better price, better quality, better functionality, etc. The next step of the argument goes like this: “Ah! But people don’t really make decisions like that!”  For example, “people say they made this decision for this or that rational reason, but actually they were using gut feelings”.


So the first thing about a better decision is that it…

Anatomy of a decision

Posted: 8th September, 2011 | 0 comments


A chat with my Ctrl-Shift colleague Paul about his weekend illustrates much of what I’ve been saying about the market for decisions.


His story was pretty familiar: great weekend out in the country, awful traffic on the way home resulting in delay, kids getting restive in the back of the car. Paul and his wife realise they’re not going to get home in good time for dinner. So they get out the smart phone and find a place to eat in a local town which turns out to be great. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, a…

Autumn 2011 research programme

Posted: 5th September, 2011 | 0 comments

We're now planning our Autumn research programme and are looking for input on the top three projects and some suggestions for what we should cover in early 2012.

October - PIMS 2 - the personal information management market

This report is about the market that changes markets - how third party vendors are helping consumers work across markets.

Building on Ctrl-Shift’s 2010 initial foray into this market, the report is focused on how services are being built to allow consumers to keep information about themselves in one easy to manage place. The report will include updates on Mint, MoneyStrands, Google…

The opportunity of the century

Posted: 2nd September, 2011 | 0 comments

In her last blog, Liz suggested that the development of a new industry of Personal Information Management Services (PIMS) could be the way (or at least, one way) we avoid the prospect of decades of stagflation. Let’s flesh this argument out a little.


As often happens, when a massive untapped need meets a previously unrecognised economic potential, many people fail to see the scale of the opportunity. So I’ll stick my neck out. I think we on the foothills of the biggest ever consumer market and industry – an engine of innovation and growth that will keep…