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We're sorry that the June newsletter is later in the month than normal. But we've been busy! This issue covers an update on the Government's mydata and ID assurance initiatives; we've asked consumers about their views on how much power they wield and there's a smattering of market news.


We’ve been working hard with the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills to the Mydata project off the ground. The goal is to create a critical mass of companies committed to releasing the data they hold about individuals back to these individuals so they can use the information for their…

Gut feelings and choice tools

Posted: 27th June, 2011 | 0 comments




I was speaking about choice tools at a conference recently when someone asked what’s becoming a standard question: “you talk about all the different ways accessing and using information can help make better decisions, but people don’t make decisions like that. When push comes to shove they make their decisions on gut feeling: do I like/feel comfortable with this decision or not? If so, isn’t all this stuff about better uses of information pretty irrelevant?”.


I fluffed my answer then and I’ve fluffed it many times before -  it’s a very simple question requiring quite a…

mydata: we''re off!

Posted: 10th June, 2011 | 0 comments

Just finished two intensive days of meetings with a wide range of companies at the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). Purpose: to set the mydata ball rolling.


Mydata is a Government Consumer Empowerment initiative to encourage companies to release the data they hold on individuals back to them in a portable re-usable form, so that these individuals can use this information for their own purposes. Ctrl-Shift has been helping BIS get the project off the ground.


A couple of things struck me from these meetings.


First, mydata is an immense opportunity for large…

We are setting out to track the ‘control shift’ through a tracking survey that will, over time, provide evidence of which changes are unnfolding, where, at what pace, with what impacts and implications. Our initial research is now available and it sets a benchmark to track that progress.

The research is based on a GB representative sample of nearly 1500 consumers surveyed in April 2011. Fieldwork was conducted between 28 April and 5 May 2011, with 1464 adults responding.

After the raw data was collated (data tables are available), Ctrl-Shift analysed the data to draw its conclusions. The analysis looks…