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CRM Research

Posted: 24th January, 2011 | 0 comments

We're doing some research into current thinking about CRM and what 'next-gen' CRM will look like.

Any CRM practitioners interested in talking part, please get in touch!

A dangerous consensus

Posted: 14th January, 2011 | 0 comments

A dangerous consensus seems to be emerging around the future of digital data.

Take these examples. The first is an extract from a recent speech by Google CEO Eric Schmidt where he waxed lyrical about:
“the explosion of information, the explosion of user content, in real time data – what I am thinking, what I am doing, social networks and so forth.”

“We can help you sort that out. We can help you figure out what is most relevant to your right now … Whether it’s games, videos or films we can suggest what you should be watching because…

When is a brand not a brand

Posted: 14th January, 2011 | 0 comments

Well just take a look at Nike, out there are the front of the pack. They have just launched with Tom Tom a GPS sports watch. Runners will be able to plug their watch into their computer and the information gathered from the run, including total miles, pace and elevation data, can be then analysed and compared. Runners will be able to compare notes, share routes and all via Nike. Nothing too earth shattering about that until you think about what the Nike Brand is becoming.

It's becoming, at least in part, a Brand as an information service. A…

Customer centricity

Posted: 7th January, 2011 | 0 comments

I’ve had some interesting discussions recently about customer centricity. Some thoughts spring to mind.

First, ‘customer centricity’ has become an Alice in Wonderland word which different people use to mean whatever they want it to mean. Depending on who you talk to for example, customer centricity can revolve around:
- Structural change: organising reporting lines, product lines, business units or sales structures around customer segments
- Culture change: becoming less inward looking and more ‘customer focused’, ‘putting the customer first’, ‘going the extra mile’
- Another word for CRM: building marketing, service etc around customer data held…