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Next-Gen Customer Engagement

Posted: 17th September, 2010 | 0 comments

A number of stars seem to be aligning to transform the role and content of customer touchpoints (wherever and whenever a customer and an organisation ‘touch’ each other). They could be adding up to a strategic revolution for organisations.

Behind this revolution lie a number of converging trends. They include:
1. Increasing competition for customers’ time, attention, trust and for access to customer information.
2. Customers gaining increasing control over who they engage with, when and how.
3. Organisations becoming increasingly aware that customers have more to offer than just money e.g. ideas and suggestions, word…

The Customer is Not King

Posted: 15th September, 2010 | 0 comments

Whenever marketers use the word ‘customer’ or ‘consumer’ they bury themselves deep within an organisation-centric view of the world: these terms are seller-centric inventions.

The only entities that see ‘customers’ or ‘consumers’ when they look at the world are organisations trying to sell stuff. When marketers talk about customers and consumers, they are not talking about the world ‘out there’ as it really exists, they are looking into a mirror reflecting their own internal obsessions back to them.

A customer is someone who buys what we sell. When the organisation looks at ‘the customer’ it is just looking at ‘what…

Empowering emotions

Posted: 10th September, 2010 | 0 comments

I have just written an article for MyCustomer.com (http://bit.ly/csMJvr) about the emotional drivers of consumer empowerment.

Here's the gist: There's a growing bank of psychological research showing that feeling empowered and in control makes people feel good about themselves (self-esteem, hope, being energised to achieve stuff) and that feeling disempowered and not in control is associated with depression and ill-health. Common sense really, but the boffins are uncovering the details, mechanisms and so on.

Meanwhile, the democratisation of information technologies is empowering individuals in all sorts of ways.

In the article I talk about five 'waves' of consumer…

Hop-Along Relationship Management

Posted: 2nd September, 2010 | 0 comments

Once upon a time there was a man who preferred to hop rather than walk. It happened because when he was very small he had an unfortunate series of accidents that kept his left leg in a plaster cast. The less exercise it leg got, the weaker it got; the more he used his right leg. Until eventually hopping on his right leg became the norm: trying to use the left leg to walk seemed more trouble than it was worth. “I can hop much faster than I can walk,” Mr Hop-Along, as he came to be known, said to…