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NHS gets it but will we get it?

Posted: 21st July, 2010 | 0 comments

Hats off to the NHS, they really seem to have got the data tiger by the tail in their white paper entitled Equity and Excellent: Liberating the NHS. Not only have they understood the importance of releasing the organisational data to enable the citizen, but they also seem to have understood the power of combining that with the personal data. The following lift from the paper makes this blog rather long but each part is important. There is a BIG win win in this statement of intent the key question is does the level of understanding of the intention…

Some of you may be vaguely following the flip-flopping of the incoming Government over the design and use of patient records. A couple of weeks ago was a seminal report on the "summary care record", described by the Health Service Journal as facing wicked problems.

The article is well worth a read:
The Department of Health-commissioned evaluation, by University College London researchers, says spread of the SCR is limited and, where it has been used, there is limited evidence of the benefits

The detailed evaluation comes to similar conclusions for HealthSpace – the government programme to…