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Budgeting for service redesign

Posted: 24th June, 2010 | 0 comments

Well, the nervously awaited emergency budget has arrived, and a collective sigh of relief is almost audible across the country 'not as bad as I'd expected' seems to be the general feel. But I'm afraid the worst is yet to come and the dramatic if yet unspecified departmental cuts of 25% of budget is one of the hardest hitting. To find that mangnitude of cuts in spending without having an impact on front line services is going to require some radically new thinking. In the past a 'push the message' approach has been a proxy for behaviour change, which most…

Global opt outs don't work

Posted: 24th June, 2010 | 0 comments

It's our job here at Ctrl-Shift HQ to track what marketing and customer service departments are up to but sometimes that does cross over into our personal lives. So this brief post (well rant) is a result of stuff I've been sent at home that really does highlight the major challenges that industry faces in getting "opt-in" sorted - or they will be faced with a major trust problem.

First up, a leading telecoms supplier sent me an offer for a broadband and call offer. Apart from the fact that the small print was in light grey (and close to…

Skunkworks and Asborometers

Posted: 8th June, 2010 | 0 comments

Today's announcement that the government is looking to get public input (a sort of crowdsourcing, perhaps?) into the upcoming cuts to public service is further confirmation that there is a seismic shift in the world of public services. The previous prime minister was reportedly a fan of apps such as Asborometer which build on publicly available data. And the minister now responsible for Government IT (and more besides) announced in March as part of the Conservative policy formation that "we will also create a small IT development team in government -…